Thursday, 16 November 2017

(Backup) It's so hard these few days.

Everything was so fine until someone brings up your name. Ever since that, I think I should kept myself busy all the time.

To those who had been someone's crush and you realised it, be careful with the words coming out from your mouth and not from your heart. You might be a love winner but one day you will be a victim of it. Don't give hopes to others even if you need one. Because if you never feel the feeling of been hurt by someone you love , you will keep hurting others who love you. If you have the special one by your side, dont make yourself busy finding another one ☝🏻 (takmo k takmo)

To those who are still in the trials of moving on from your past, please take a good care of your health too. Don't ever give up. If you think you fail already, just keep moving forward. If she/he still wants you in your life, don't worry, they'll show up from no where. Just keep this in your mind,don't ever push yourself. Because it might hurt the most and you won't try to do it again. If you think you can't, keep it for another day and find snacks 😜🍟🍫🍩



Tyy x

1st of June.

A girl #2

Never knew that she would trapped in her own trap. She continuously adore him - as a friend. A friend who she knows always would be there for her. She spent most of the time telling him stories of her daily life. Until one day, everything became a bombshell . His girlfriend caught both of them when the girlfriend logged onto his FunBase account. She read their conversation together. The sweet part made her jealous and hate that one girl. What made her being so angry? Because that girl is one of her good friend. She never expect it from a girl she called a friend. A big fight occurred and everything went chaos. The girl had to bear embarrassed since her secret was all out. Wherever she goes, she had to answer question that almost of them made it look like that she is the one who guilt. She tried hard to sorry her friend for what she had done. But her friend ignored her and said she hate her. Until Raya holiday started, she still failed in gaining her friend’s forgiveness. And during that time of period, the both boy and girl did not contact each other for almost two weeks, even at school, she avoided him just to clear everything with her friend and gain her trust back. But it was a fail. 


The school started after raya holiday, and this time she accepted a small note from her friend saying that she forgave her. She felt really thankful bcs all of that wont happen if other friends did not help them. But ever since that, she lost her trust and her friend said “I forgave her but i cannot love her like before. Bcs it is so hurt” 

That girl learnt her lesson. She lost both her friend and also that boy. She taught everything is cleared already since she didnt contct anymore with the boy, in fact no one knows that actually she missed the boy. but suddenly a day after her birthday , he appeared wishing a late birthday wish on her FunBase wall. She said thanks and from that moment, they exchanged numbers. And everything started all over again but this time, not through FunBase chatting, but through messaging. She is a bad friend right ? 

To be continued ....

Thursday, 6 July 2017



Nak notes/assignment/presentation korang jadi comel & interesting ? like this?

***Nak bagitahu awal-awal. Fonts comel comel ini semua cuma boleh digunakan dalam laptop yang ada fonts tu je. Sekiranya korang buat notes kat words laptop korang guna font comel tu, lepas tu korang transfer ke laptop orang lain yang tiada fonts tu. Fonts korang takkan muncul. 

So kiranya untuk ;
  • personal use 💝
  • editing pics with texts 💝
1. Pergi

2. Pilih font yang agak-agak korang suka.

1. Klik download
2. File font yang korang suka selesai di-download 

3. Terus click 2x pada file font

3. Click sekali lagi pada file font yang ada dalam folder. 

 4. Click install

 5. Check

 5. search nama font comel korang misalnya korang nak guna font tu kat words. Like me, i downloaded 'Just Beautiful Simplicity' and terus type kat search engine tu. Terus keluar font yang aku dah download.

 6. And now, you're done !
thankyou ;) 👏


Monday, 24 April 2017

A girl #1

Once upon a time, there was this girl who live happily without any doubts. The only problems she faced were all about friendship and she handled them successfully. She did well in her studies too. No family problems and her life was incredibly amazing. She did not want anything else.

Until fate met her with a boy. Her life turned upside down. A boy who once her friend - online friend in FunBase as both of them went to different schools. She was in a daily national school (SK) and he was just a Malay boy who can speak japanese fluently. After three years in high school, they both reunite again - only through an online social network chat, FunBase. Well, this proves that internet do us a favour despite being a negative influences to teenagers.

They became friends and shared everything together like best friends usually do. But, a thing about them is their friendship was a secret. A secret that only both of them knew because she thought that their friendship was just a very simple matter and also she had to consider the feeling of her friend - who happened to be his girlfriend. She still remembers that they always spent time talking and sharing about each other's life only at the night in the month before Syawal. She would signed in her FunBase in her mother's Acer laptop 💻 and seeing through the feeds to know about the updates from her long-lost family and friends. He would chat her and asked about her day. The first day they chat was the day after the School Sports Day. He was not satisfied because a boy from Level 2 ruined their marching uniform team - School Teens Cadet by falling down under the hot sun and caused their team lost to Islamic Girls Union. Even they were not in the first place but they managed to get second place. That was what the girl said to calm the boy and their conversation kept going next several weeks. 

-to be continued

Friday, 2 December 2016

REVIEW: Face Mask Real Nature TheFaceSHOP ( Lemon )


HI assalammualaikum.

Yela budak habis sekolah dah, jakun sampai tahap kalau boleh nak buat semuaaaaaaaa benda 🙈🙈

So hari ni, kita meng-try nge-test cuba cuba benda baru. budaks barus naks ups (mei ajar cakap camtu)
Terus cerita jelah, so 28 hb hari tu aku order 3 masker daripada lazada, then petang tadi dah dapat.
(servis lazada sangatlah tiptop gilosssss) 

------> nah link

Malam ni eksaited terus pakai, tak menyabow nak tunggu sejuk ke apa ke.

Lemon Face Mask Real Nature from The Face Shop
@Lazada for  RM15.60 (2 pieces)  

💕 untuk : mencerahkan kulit, bekalkan vitamin C, sekatakan tona gelap

 So manja kan kulit yang dah eeeee sangat dah ni. huhu

  • not bad , essence dia sangat lah banyak, kalau dah pakai masknya, jangan buang dia punya wrapper, hah tuang habis habis kat muka, sebab banyak gila, melimpah. So boleh pakai kat muka tepek tepek lagi, tangan, bahagian leher leher tu.
  • no irritation
  • no redness sebab muka aku sensitif but this one gives no harm.

 4.5 out of 5 stars 🌟

 3 dec