Officially an Alumni of UNIMAS!

 What a best year of 2023!

I achieved one of my lifegoal - graduating in medical degree.

Dating back on 15th September, I had my Orchid ceremony in which it is traditionally be held annually to celebrate those medical students who finally passed their Final Professional Exam (phase changing uhuk)


Ini mengingatkan aku tentang 5 tahun yang sukar. Maybe all the hardworks paid off? Did i really give those 'hardworks'?

2 tahun pre-clinical, 3 tahun clinical.

Pelbagai jenis manusia yang aku jumpa, apatah lagi pelbagai jenis ragam dan sikap.

πŸ‘£ 2018: Last year of pre-clinical, in which at the end of our 2nd year akan ada First Professional Exam, celebrated with White Coat ceremony. (during my time it was covid, thus both exam and white coat were held via online). Well actually, that 2nd year adalah tahun terakhir bersama keluarga angkat (by term of faculty-village agreement), but not for me. While other families might cut their bond right after entering into clinical phase, me still keep in touch with them until now. For sure, their kindness and love were the one helping me to grow older during my living alone in Sarawak. Then under what reasons, that i need to abandon them away

my gotong royong activity year at Kg Mang

most recent 30/12 i brought ibu ayah to swak to meet them

πŸ‘£ 2019: I remembered the first time i clerked patient. That was back during CMPH posting, where all of us were distributed according to the specified health clinic and I went to KK Kota Samarahan. My first ever patient that time was outpatient, walked in for TB appointment, a 40-ish year old married man, had history of TB infection and on DOTS treatment. I had no clue on what to ask, what flow i should follow, which part of body i should examine. I just went on to him, asking him about the reason behind his presence to the clinic and we just went on like a normal conversation. Then, bila time kena present, i did not ready with the summary so i pushed it to my other friend to present her case. & that time i amazed like how dia bercerita smooth until our doctors faham apa case yang dia summarizekan. "She really did her study well, while i dont.." i said quietly AHA

covid: my first time pergi SGH wad cari case 

πŸ‘£ 2021: Macam mana honeymoon form 4, macam tu lah honeymoon nya 4th year. Even all were new postings which are Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Ophtal, ENT,  Psychiatric, DHFM ; but us always go vacation, healing2 kekununs before masuk y5 konon2 nak study je. Gitu. I had my new memories with my housemates, lagi banyak freetime untuk pergi jalan, balik rumah. But the most hardcore for me during my 4th year was ophthal then followed by ortho. I think those two can be my least favourite posting. Bukan tak best, best je semua lecturer pun supportive, but then i think that the syllabus isnt for me. I remembered that my name was called during lecture in Ophtalmology posting, to be asked to draw an aqueous flow of the eye. Hah mampus lah, lain-lain semua jawab soalan je, tang nama aku kena draw kat depan. While in orthopaedics, in which that time still online, i lost my internet connection exactly when it came to my part for presenting our first seminar titled lower back pain, on the first day in the first week dengan pulak lecturer yang major hardcore pulak tu in spine. Nasib ai tak kena tocher.

But the best part of 4th year was our elective at the end of the year, we were given opportunity to do our elective at our preferred hospital, & guess what? I chose Langkawi! So random kan, lain semua ada yang balik rumah, pergi sampai Japan. It was indeed a great 1-month ever in Langkawi, after 5 days je i dah hafal all the jalan kat sana. Pergi hospital 8am, balik around 1pm then acah healing tepi pantai chenang, mengada hahah. Those were memories that i cannot ever recreate, because it was too precious.

tengoklah tu, berjalan je lebih, gmbar hospital haprak kena korek 
Idk but i advised my other friends, even if the aim of this elective is to give u exposure towards the work environment, but when later u come to hospital they have no time to entertain u. Thus, you must be smart, choose hospital where you can be so relax and live your life happily because this is the only time for you to have leisure fun time together with your friends. πŸ’›

ada hokkay, janji siap semua assessment ihi

πŸ‘£ 2023: the end of my study era is here. it is time to say goodbye to those who has been with me through my sweat and tears. But this time, it hits different. I feel so sad to leave unimas, leaving behing my friends, places that i go back and forth. My year 5 was full of stress and uncountable calls i made to ibu ayah to express my feeling until at one point, I once decided to postpone a year & even worse, to stop studying. I put here so that in the future, i know i had faced a difficult time with them.

emergency posting; packed but best ever! full with activities
this one practice IM injection. Gaya je lebih tu

during surgery posting; i get to assist in excision of fibroadenoma of breast

my desk during 2-study weeks for Final Pro

first day final dah jadi model u muka yakin je boleh jawab tuuuu

Here comes the Orchid ceremony! 

batch MD 2022/2023

orchid; theyre said to represent purity and elegance


my graduation day. Org lain semua stud group sampai 4-6 org, while me only with Ivy. ke sebab aku antisoc? sobs

Those pictures summarised everything that i had during my last days of being a student. Is there by any chance in the future that I will be called again as a 'student'? I dont know. Aku tak berapa kuat lagi untuk berfikir ke arah specialist, and what speciality i prefer? I am too far from ready. 

Lemme catch a breath.

Lemme achieve my other lifegoal first.



love, tyy


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