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Officially an Alumni of UNIMAS!

 What a best year of 2023! I achieved one of my lifegoal - graduating in medical degree. Dating back on 15th September, I had my Orchid ceremony in which it is traditionally be held annually to celebrate those medical students who finally passed their Final Professional Exam (phase changing uhuk) ........ Ini mengingatkan aku tentang 5 tahun yang sukar. Maybe all the hardworks paid off? Did i really give those 'hardworks'? 2 tahun pre-clinical, 3 tahun clinical. Pelbagai jenis manusia yang aku jumpa, apatah lagi pelbagai jenis ragam dan sikap. 👣 2018 : Last year of pre-clinical, in which at the end of our 2nd year akan ada First Professional Exam, celebrated with White Coat ceremony. (during my time it was covid, thus both exam and white coat were held via online). Well actually, that 2nd year adalah tahun terakhir bersama keluarga angkat (by term of faculty-village agreement), but not for me. While other families might cut their bond right after entering into clinical phase,

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