Thursday, 16 November 2017

A girl #2

Never knew that she would trapped in her own trap. She continuously adore him - as a friend. A friend who she knows always would be there for her. She spent most of the time telling him stories of her daily life. Until one day, everything became a bombshell . His girlfriend caught both of them when the girlfriend logged onto his FunBase account. She read their conversation together. The sweet part made her jealous and hate that one girl. What made her being so angry? Because that girl is one of her good friend. She never expect it from a girl she called a friend. A big fight occurred and everything went chaos. The girl had to bear embarrassed since her secret was all out. Wherever she goes, she had to answer question that almost of them made it look like that she is the one who guilt. She tried hard to sorry her friend for what she had done. But her friend ignored her and said she hate her. Until Raya holiday started, she still failed in gaining her friend’s forgiveness. And during that time of period, the both boy and girl did not contact each other for almost two weeks, even at school, she avoided him just to clear everything with her friend and gain her trust back. But it was a fail. 


The school started after raya holiday, and this time she accepted a small note from her friend saying that she forgave her. She felt really thankful bcs all of that wont happen if other friends did not help them. But ever since that, she lost her trust and her friend said “I forgave her but i cannot love her like before. Bcs it is so hurt” 

That girl learnt her lesson. She lost both her friend and also that boy. She taught everything is cleared already since she didnt contct anymore with the boy, in fact no one knows that actually she missed the boy. but suddenly a day after her birthday , he appeared wishing a late birthday wish on her FunBase wall. She said thanks and from that moment, they exchanged numbers. And everything started all over again but this time, not through FunBase chatting, but through messaging. She is a bad friend right ? 

To be continued ....

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