Thursday, 20 April 2017

What kind of way?



Give me a try to live a life like a person who lost her certain part of memories.

"Dia ada dekat mana mana je"
- then how for me to keep moving on without looking back even a lil sight?

We can never achieve every single thing we want . 
Everyday, on every single day i face after all this while, that one person kept appearing in my mind like 'NO I CANT GET OUTTA OF HEREEE' 🙃😪


So, i do everything, EVERYTHING that i could , jst to make sure everything is clear. Just to reset every single incident that had happened. 

 "kau bukan Tuhan tyy, kau takda kuasa atas setiap apa yg kau dambakan"

Macam mana rasanya hidup orang yg asyik imbas setiap kejadian pahit manis yg berlaku? Jangan tanya diri. Rasa dulu pengalaman dan kau akan tahu yg kau perlu sesebuah tempat dan sesuatu kejadian yg boleh buat kau lupa segalanya.

People who I never forget, keep it in your mind that we do not live in the same life forever. If I am no longer one of your favourites, just remember that the sincerity is not shown by deeds, it is all by Doa.

Love, tyy
20 april

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