Monday, 24 April 2017

A girl #1

Once upon a time, there was this girl who live happily without any doubts. The only problems she faced were all about friendship and she handled them successfully. She did well in her studies too. No family problems and her life was incredibly amazing. She did not want anything else.

Until fate met her with a boy. Her life turned upside down. A boy who once her friend - online friend in FunBase as both of them went to different schools. She was in a daily national school (SK) and he was just a Malay boy who can speak japanese fluently. After three years in high school, they both reunite again - only through an online social network chat, FunBase. Well, this proves that internet do us a favour despite being a negative influences to teenagers.

They became friends and shared everything together like best friends usually do. But, a thing about them is their friendship was a secret. A secret that only both of them knew because she thought that their friendship was just a very simple matter and also she had to consider the feeling of her friend - who happened to be his girlfriend. She still remembers that they always spent time talking and sharing about each other's life only at the night in the month before Syawal. She would signed in her FunBase in her mother's Acer laptop 💻 and seeing through the feeds to know about the updates from her long-lost family and friends. He would chat her and asked about her day. The first day they chat was the day after the School Sports Day. He was not satisfied because a boy from Level 2 ruined their marching uniform team - School Teens Cadet by falling down under the hot sun and caused their team lost to Islamic Girls Union. Even they were not in the first place but they managed to get second place. That was what the girl said to calm the boy and their conversation kept going next several weeks. 

-to be continued

Thursday, 20 April 2017

What kind of way?



Give me a try to live a life like a person who lost her certain part of memories.

"Dia ada dekat mana mana je"
- then how for me to keep moving on without looking back even a lil sight?

We can never achieve every single thing we want . 
Everyday, on every single day i face after all this while, that one person kept appearing in my mind like 'NO I CANT GET OUTTA OF HEREEE' 🙃😪


So, i do everything, EVERYTHING that i could , jst to make sure everything is clear. Just to reset every single incident that had happened. 

 "kau bukan Tuhan tyy, kau takda kuasa atas setiap apa yg kau dambakan"

Macam mana rasanya hidup orang yg asyik imbas setiap kejadian pahit manis yg berlaku? Jangan tanya diri. Rasa dulu pengalaman dan kau akan tahu yg kau perlu sesebuah tempat dan sesuatu kejadian yg boleh buat kau lupa segalanya.

People who I never forget, keep it in your mind that we do not live in the same life forever. If I am no longer one of your favourites, just remember that the sincerity is not shown by deeds, it is all by Doa.

Love, tyy
20 april

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Conflicts reunite US

Well it seems difficult for certain friendship when you're having conflicts with each other.
Even worse when you completely hate that person for her specific behaviour.


Let me introduce you them whom sometimes are my enemy but in difficult times, they are my truly bestfriends - so far 💋

Came across to the topic . Conflict between us ? What has happened girl?!

Dah selalu sangat bertekak, berburuk sangka, berkata buruk every negative doings 👎🏻👎🏻 benda tu semua sebenarnya normal dalam hidup bersahabat. Benda tu semua kena hadapi sama ada terjadi dalam sedar atau tak sedar.  

Sekarang masing masing dah besar, lebih menuju kematangan. Yes small matters might come in our way but no worries, insyaAllah we can handle them in much more proper way right. 


Mai cakap, Tak Macam Dulu Tapi Keep in Touch.
Still okay right? 


Not too close but still know each other, tak lupa. Ada lagi nama dlm contact buat imessage selalu eheee 

Goodluck in your life my dear girls . Dont forget to stand up on your own feet when nobody with you. Allah's everywhere.

With love,
dolphin x